we are a production company that loves to
work with professionals from around the globe.

A trusted production partner, we support
advertising agencies, production companies
+ brands looking to shoot or produce in Poland,
CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), and globally.

Think beautiful landscapes, stunning locations,
world-class film and advertising professionals,
and really friendly people. And one more thing:

production costs in CEE are extremely competitive.

Directors & DOP’s

Polish directors and DOP’s are today’s masters.
Think Wajda, Polanski, Kieslowski. Then think again: Idziak, Edelman, Bartkowiak, Kaminski. Then imagine how talented and hard-working everyone is here. Then talk to us, and we’ll instantly find you a talented professional from both Poland and around the globe for your next commercial.

The entire film crew

You’re absolutely right to think that our talent and expertise are not limited to directors and DOP’s, but include all other members of the film crew. And we are here to provide you with the creme de la creme! Think costume designers, stage designers, make-up artists, prop masters and the like. It’s our business to make your business feel like it’s our business!

Highnoon’s forte

is the ‘A to Z’-ness of the production process:
pre-production, production and post-production. We work from our own state-of-the-art post-prod studio. That said, we love to team up with professionals from around the world, including foreign producers looking to shoot in Poland.

A creative producer and director

Blazej Baar is Highnoon’s founder and manager with over 200 TV productions and photo sessions under his belt.
He loves his work, and so does the advertising industry.

Baar’s resumee

in its ‘Producer’ section includes the McDonald’s Timetable commercial (DDB Warsaw) that in 2012 scooped 2x Cannes silver Media Lions and a bronze Promo Lion. It got shortlisted for Outdoor Lions and Direct Lions, and won Golden Drums.

A myriad Golden Drums

the Golden Drum Grand Prix (direct), Golden Drum (outdoor), Golden Drum (innovative), silver Eurobest (outdoor), bronze Eurobest (media), bronze Eurobest (media). Oh, and bronze Epic for intercontinental advertising.

We are cost-effective

solution-oriented professionals. And art lovers, but you have
figured this out already, haven’t you? Come with us, we are

Highnoon. Good ideas won’t stand in the shade