We are a production house based in the heart of Warsaw. We’ve been growing steadily since 2012, building a presence on the Polish and international markets. We love this job as production is our passion. We work as a team and believe in cooperation, especially long-term cooperation – it allows us to combine our collective experiences and achieve great results. That’s why our clients are our partners and our relations are priceless. We liaise with advertising and creative agencies, and producers both in Poland and abroad. You can see we value stability and focus. But we also like the challenge. We are Highnoon.


Production is what we know best. We make sure our partners feel confident they have a meticulously selected and reliable team who work for them at all stages – from the brief through the PPM through the airing of the spots or preparing proofs for printing.

We produce advertising films and photography sessions – from intimate projects to multi-day creations shot at many different locations. We create high-quality content for traditional and digital media, and our productions are key elements of award-winning ATL and BTL campaigns.

We have the know-how

Technology-wise, we use the latest, industry-standard equipment. Our competence is matched by the skills and support of a perfectly coordinated team – we work exclusively with professionals, regardless of size or location. Because that’s what good production is always all about – taking care of even the smallest of details at every stage. We build teams with the crème de la creme, always looking to meet the needs of our partners. We are blessed to have worked with: Unilever, Milka, Gillette.

We have post-production / technology facilities

We complete projects from A to Zet and guarantee our partners care and support at each step of the way. Whether it’s pre-production, production or post-production, one thing is certain – we’ll always work with professionals. We know from experience that close cooperation on the spot is bound to yield the best results. Our philosophy is about teaming up with the best, Poland-wide. Our studio is recognized for the awards our projects have scooped.

A very wide range of products

Photo / Print – our productions are either independent photo shoots, or sessions that take place during our work on a TV commercial for the given brand or product. Our policy is to always ensure the top artists – photographers and assistants, art directors, stylists and post-producers, as well as top-of-the-range equipment, studios and locations. We have produced photo sessions in Poland and abroad that include the following brands: Milka (Mondelez), Kasia + Hera Maslova (Unilever), Gilette, Faktoria Win, The Norwegian Funds, Beller.

Digital content – we are perfectly prepared to produce digital content both in our own studio and on location. We provide offline editing on the MacPro platform, color correction on the DaVinci Resolve panel, and Apple Retina display reference screens. Plus online editing and preparation of files in any resolution and format required by your media agency.

Branded content – we create amazing content for brands. Our experience includes the production of advertising spots for companies from a number of industries, and we work with acclaimed creative teams and screenwriters. The effects of our work play a key role in building brands in such media as TV, film, online (Fb, Instagram, Youtube), digital signage and video-out-of-home.

We think long-term

We work with focus on the end result. Always. It is why we engage in long-term building of the image of our partners’ brands. The production of product and image campaigns is our contribution to the growth of brands. We love our relationships to be permanent.

At Highnoon, we're a team

We work with passion, constantly inspire and support each other, and make every project an opportunity to boost our skills. Highnoon’s founder and manager, Błażej Baar has several hundred film productions and photo sessions under his belt. His true passions are art and advertising production, and he believes that only constant development and total commitment bring actual results. Proud of the team. A perfectionist. He looks after every single project, from the smaller to the complex.

Now, the awards:


Błażej produced for the McDonald’s brand (agency: DDB&Tribal) whose 2012 campaign (the Hamburger Timetable) won two Silvers in the Media Lions and a bronze Promo Lion. It was also nominated for the Outdoor Lions and Direct Lions.


The McDonald’s campaign was a huge winner at the Portoroż Festival – a Golden Drum Grand Prix in the Direct, a Golden Drum in the Outdoor, and a Golden Drum in the Innovative categories. Plus there were medals at the Eurobest festival (silver in Outdoor and bronze in Media) and the Epic Festival (bronze for Intercontinental Advertising).


The success of every brand that we produce for is always a huge success for us. We are so proud of the Okocim brand (Carlsberg Group), which the Media & Marketing Polska magazine awarded the title of BRAND / MARKETER OF THE YEAR. Our experience and commitment were part of this success.